Disco Lemonade



weird weird weird

so weird talking to this kid

video chat at that

man how I’ve  missed him


The Main Cast Of Tumbling Final Speech

lizstomania; to the cellists who play along to electro music, the rockers who spend the night listening to Brahms, rebels of the 18th century and Mozarts stuck in the 21st century.

i. mozart’s house (clean bandit) ii. m79 (vampire weekend) iii. in the hall of the mountain king (trent reznor) iv. supermassive black hole (2cellos ft. naya rivera) v. syringe (emilie autumn) vi. palladio (escala) vii. empty room (arcade fire) viii. radioactive (vitamin string quartet) ix. lizstomania (phoenix) x. collateral damage (muse)

(Source: kierkegaawd)

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